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Why Volunteer?

I’ve always volunteered – mostly for selfish reasons – to make myself feel better and when I don’t know what direction to take with my life. With paid jobs, your hours are not your own. You don’t usually get to learn what you want to learn and experience things that may give you purpose or excitement.

Like many I can get lazy, it’s just so much easier to ignore the rest of the world and just concentrate on our little family. But when I go a long period without volunteering, I can feel the depression creeping back in. Volunteering gives me a window into unfamiliar worlds, connections with like-minded people, and the knowledge that I’ve done SOMETHING no matter how small or seemingly insignificant to make this a brighter world.

How can we create a mental state, a mind set for health? And why? We live in an energetic universe, energy flows where attention goes. After diagnosis, disease progresses more rapidly as fear sets in, and people become identified with their diagnosis.

Alternatively, a focus on health requires a definition of health: vitality, comfort, ease, flexibility, strength. A mind set toward health seeks out healthy people, looks for solutions, hopes for improvement, enjoys life.

So for 2018, make yourself a resolution that you will give of yourself – even just one hour per week or one weekend a month. ANY time you give is so appreciated by non-profit organizations, strapped for cash and man-power.

Volunteering can boost your career, create new friendships, give you a view of community needs, and even give you the little butterflies that come with knowing YOU made a difference. And maybe, just maybe, volunteering will finally give you the WHY you have been seeking all your life.



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