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Living Her Dream – Mermaiding!

Dana Mermaid’s Mission is to inspire others to follow their hearts, live out their dreams and make the world a better place by educating and spreading awareness as to how we can take care of our oceans and sea life.

Dana Marie Richardson, best known around the shoreline as Dana Mermaid, swims with sea life in oceans all over the world, including Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand and the Bahamas.

“The mermaid, being half human and half fish, inspires that connection we have to the ocean world and the sea that is so imperative for our survival on earth.  We must replenish the balance of our relationship from land to sea.”- Malama O Ke Kai and Malama Ka Aina

Dana also helps with humpback whale research in the winter time, and can free dive to 90 feet without a mask on a single breath of air.

She is a marine mammal naturalist, a boat captain, an underwater photographer and a professional MERMAID.

Residing in Kona, HI, Dana spends her time free diving with the dolphins and other marine mammals. Dana strives to learn as much as possible about these underwater mammals in order to protect them and their ocean home. By following her heart she is living her dream in Hawaii, and is now able to educate and inspire others through her true passion — Mermaiding.

“My hope is is to inspire children & adults to follow their hearts, live out their dreams, and experience the beauty & magic of the ocean.  My heart has always been with the sea and dreamed of being a mermaid since I was little”

Dana Mermaid Took a Break From Her Sea Duties For This Interview.
Listen In:

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