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Create a Happy Home Using Feng Shui

  • Using Feng Shui to create a happy home or work space can be fun.
  • Feng Shui is the placing of object or using colors to attract good chi energy into spaces we occupy.
  • The use of powerful feng shui formulas can improve all areas of your life.
  • It can even maximize good fortune and avoid bad luck.

Here are some fun and simple ways to apply Feng Shui into your spaces.


One of the most powerful Feng Shui features to have is a personalized main door.

Here is where you would bring the good chi energy into your home or office.

red door
To attract good chi energy into your home, the door should have a roof.  It should be made of solid wood with metallic trimmings.  The stronger the door is, the better the protection of the people inside.  The main door should also open inward to welcome the good chi energy into your home or office.

A red door will bring abundance and also protecting to the home or office.  The Chinese consider  a yellow door inviting to the chi  energy also.

Keep clear any clutter from blocking the flow of Chi to the entrance of your home or office.  Having a light above, or next to the door, will help illuminate the energy coming into the space.  The outside door is a link between your home or office, and the outside world.   Make it inviting to the Blessed Chi energy you want to enter your home or work space.



Mirrors are a valuable potent Feng Shui tool.

Mirrors reflect images so they will double what ever you want to attract into your space.

Let’s say you want to attract more money into your life; you could put coins or dollar bills on, or in front of a mirror.

At my office I have a mirror behind my cash register to attract more money.



A way to attract love into you life using feng  shui would be to match up items in your bedroom. For instance, never have one picture – place two pictures next to each other. Place as many objects as you can in your bedroom into pairs.


Another way of attracting love to you would be to light two pink candles in front of a mirror that has a picture of a couple on it.

Pink is the color of love.

If you wanted to attract more passion in your life light two red candles instead of the pink ones.

NEVER place a fountain of running water in a bedroom, as it will send the flow of love out the room; unless you’re wanting to have a person leave your life, then it might be good to have in your bedroom.

Using fragrances like rose and jasmine in the bedroom will also attract love to you.


One of the most important uses of Feng Shui is the use of flowing water.

oceanThe constant flow of water in your home or office placed in the right location brings wealth into ALL areas of your life.

Having a constant flowing fountain is a must for all homes and work spaces.    You can place a fountain in any area of your home except the bedroom.

Another thing to have in your home or office to attract wealth, would be a fish tank with gold fish in it, because the color gold is a symbol of wealth.

It is important to make sure your toilets are in good working order.

If it runs all the time it will bring the chi energy of your abundance being flushed down the drain.

The same goes for leaky faucets. Hanging picture of waterfalls and oceans will also attract prosperity into your home or office.

See, the art of Feng  Shui can be as easy a coloring your front door or buying a fish tank.

Why not get started and bring new Positive Chi energy coming into your home or office today!

Love & Light

Carrie Carter


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