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CEO Lisa Nirell on Balance and Passion in Business

In our Wayback Series from 2004, my original podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa Nirell, the Chief Energy Officer of EnergizeGrowth®, which helps companies grow customer mind share, and market share.

Since 1983, Lisa has worked with Zappos, BMC Software, Adobe, Microsoft, and hundreds of entrepreneurs in nine countries. Lisa is also an award-winning expert speaker and author of the acclaimed EnergizeGrowth® NOW: The Marketing Guide to a Wealthy Company.

Lisa’s clients consider her an accomplished growth expert, thought leader, and speaker with first-hand, laser-focused, practical insights. Lisa recently authored EnergizeGrowth® NOW: The Marketing Guide to a Wealthy Company. Business luminaries such as Guy Kawasaki, Dr. Stephen Covey, Joie De Vivre Hotel’s Chip Conley, Seventh Generation Founder Jeffrey Hollender, and global leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith have endorsed her work. In addition, she is an expert blogger on strategic growth planning for Fast Company Magazine.

Lisa has been featured in U.S. News and World Report, American Express OPEN,The San Diego Transcript, Women in Technology, and Computerworld.

I hope you enjoy this interview with this very energizing, uplifting lady…ENJOY!!!

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