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To uplift and unite all beings, providing the tools, know-how and platforms to share stories of change & hope and the inspiration to rise up and speak out to elevate the world around us.

About Us

jody colvard
Jody Colvard – Founder, Publisher and Editor in Chief

Jody is also the Founder and CEO of FRQNCY Media Group (FMG) and Podcast School, companies that have birthed a matrix of businesses, including Radio, TV, a publishing firm, a podcast training studio, a podcasting directory, and this online magazine.

The individual companies synergistically deliver practical and inspiring information via FMG’s global broadcast platform.

Jody started one of the first online art galleries in the mid 90’s and since then has combined her skills as a GM of an acting & film school, executive of a radio station, make-up artist, international speaker (one of the first American women to teach blogging and podcasting in China), teacher, internet marketer and manager of actors, to develop a TV/Radio Network, that not only provides a global broadcasting platform, but teaches the skills necessary to produce a polished, well strategized, revenue generating Radio or TV show that can be accessed anywhere at anytime.

Jody has worked closely with with charity organizations; such as The Sole of Africa with Nelson Mandela, and with clients featured on 20/20, Good Morning America, Oprah, and Dr. Phil.

On a personal level, Jody’s passions are new media and holistic healing arts. She’s licensed in modalities such as massage, Reiki, Healing Touch, acupressure, and other energetic and physical healing methods. Jody is also a sculptor, muralist, and portraiture artist. Her deep love of humanity inspires her to support a variety of causes through FRQNCY Media..

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